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Messestadt Duestsche Bank    Client: Deutsche Bank AG        Scale: 1:1000M
Jeddah Tower  Client: Jeddah Economic Company        Scale: 1:1000, 1:750, 1:500, 1:333, 
Jeddah Tower
Bethworks     Architect: RTKL          Scale: 1"=30'
Wood Wharf     Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects          Scale: 1:1000M
Wood Wharf
Santa Fe     Architect: Jerde Partnership          Scale: 1:500M
Santa Fe
Esplanada City Center     Architect: Murphy/Jahn Architects          Scale: 1:500M
Esplanada City Center
China Competition     Architect: The Nadel Partnership          Scale: 1:300M
China Competition
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