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Urban Planning

US Federal Courthouse
US Federal Courthouse  Architect: Perkins+Will Architects         Scale: 1:2000M
Block 37   Architect: Murphy/Jahn Architects         Scale: 1"=100'
Block 37
Kaufhof   Architect: Murphy/Jahn Architects        Scale: 1:200M
Wood Wharf   Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects         Scale: 1:1000
Wood Wharf
351 Clark   Architect: Lohan Architects         Scale: 1"=50'
351 Clark
The Grand Mosque   Scale: 1:1000M
The Grand Mosque
Los Angeles Center   Architect: Johnson Fain Partners         Scale: 1"=80'
Los Angeles Center
Bank of America   Architect: Perkins+Will Architects         Scale: 1"=40'
Bank of America
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